Daystar is committed to protecting the privacy of our parents, friends, family and community. To view school photos, please click the gallery button above and log in with the password printed on your student’s proof.

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Using cutting edge technologies and a commitment to excellence, Daystar Studio offers a unique perspective for school photo shoots. We’ve been in the business of providing quality school portraits for nearly 30 years, and are committed to our communities and schools. Our studio offers only the finest products and professional services to our clients.

Green Screen

Featuring top of the line software, Daystar employs a "green screen" photo layout. This screen enables you, as a parent, grandparent, family or friend, to customize the image of your child. You can replace the original green screen in the photograph with any one of multiple backgrounds. Some are offered directly as a service to you through the school, while others are available only through our online website,


Staying above the grade when it comes to technology and service is important to Daystar. We are continually searching out new products and services to offer to our customers, and combine them with the best software on the market. We offer online sales with unique login codes to protect the privacy of all our customers. We also realize the importance of the Internet in today's world. You can not only find us online at, but you can also check out our Facebook.